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I am driven by materials from plaster and clay, through to latex, ice, oil and light which allow me to create ambiguous images and artifacts in paint, mixed media, installation and sculpture. You can find out more about my practice by watching the videos and reading the essays. Find out more.

petri latex

Image link to Petri Latex Series - experiments in art and science

The Petri Latex series symbolises my obsession with creating reactions and marks that capture energy in a moment by combining both an artistic and scientific approach. The work is borne out of an obsessiveness with working freely within a controlled framework. Find out more.

on paper

Image link to On Paper series - abstracted energy

This series of work focusses on the use of oil as the basis for creating work which attempts to capture energy in its many forms. This comes out of an obsession with the unseen forces around us and how these control our environment and our experience of it. Find out more

petri latex workshops

Image link to petri latex workshops

I am keen to share by enthusiam and understanding about latex and the process I undertake with others. A huge part for me is sharing and learning from others with the dishes providing an ideal framework for people to create, experiment and play. Find out more.

pottery forms

Image link to Pottery Forms series - work in clay

For me, clay is about creating a dialogue between myself and the material and working with it to create abstract forms that have a presence beyond their size. The vessels I create are non functional but evocative, of the landscape and are made to be held. Find out more.

firmament solo show

Image link to firmament solo show

Firmament, my solo show took place in October 2017 and through a series of light installations and wall based work I created glimpses inside worlds and galaxies which have been brought to life by my fascination with materials. The collection of photos gives a flavour. Find out more.


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You can buy a range of original products on my shop including one off light boxes, works on paper and limited edition fine art prints. Find out more

in plaster

Image link to In Plaster Series - abstract mixed media

This series of work is highly experimental and was underken to investigate the materials and the different interactions that could be created. This series was crucial in developing my understanding of the types of marks and reactions which are apparent through all my practice. Find out more

in ice

Image link to In Ice Series - ice and ink

Ice is fascinating and impacts the world on both the largest and smallest of scales and can provide snapshots through time. Working with ice is appealing as it is transient and unique, each piece is distinctive even when created using the same process. Find out more

paul's blog

Image link to paul's art blog

Paul's blog is the place to find out he is working on or researching at the moment. The blog is split into inspirations in art and science, and my work and my current thinking. Its a space I use to attempt to develop my thinking. Find out more.


Link to Iteration series - mixed media repetition

One of my enduring influences is that of iteration, whether natural or manmade, which is about how systems repeat continually but with the influence of direction and/or time. This series of photographic/digital work is rooted in this concept. Find out more.

from nature

Image link to From Nature Series - photography and digital media

I'm always looking for patterns, shapes and textures in nature and my surroundings; seeking detail that can be transformed into something unexpected - taking something static and seemingly giving it movement; blurring the boundaries between the real and imagined. Find out more.

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