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Petri Latex

Interaction at a Petri-Latex workshop in Delhi run by Paul Liptrot artist

Petri Latex Workshops by Paul Liptrot

I am keen to share by enthusiam and understanding about latex and the process I undertake with others. A huge part for me is sharing and learning from others with the dishes providing an ideal framework for people to create, experiment and play.
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  • Mixed Media: Abstract, art-science, latex, ink, pigment, chemicals, light, photography, digital

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What do the workshops involve?

The workshops run by Paul Liptrot have a focus on experimentation and free thinking right from the start. Each workshop begins with a discussion around how we perceive information and how as individuals we interpret it differently. Participants will be encouraged to see beyond the obvious and look for connections within abstract imagery.

After the discussion Paul will take the group through the process of creating a dish from how to use each material and how they interact together. The emphasis here is on possibility and it is hoped that each participant will bring their own perspective to the workshop. At this point timings are discussed including the likely drying times based on the amount of liquid involved.

Each participant is then provided with a set of dishes (various sizes available) along with a range of inks and chemicals* to enable them to experiment and test their ideas on how to create a pleasing dish. The dishes are then dried in a drying machine. Once the dishes are dried participants are encouraged to view the dishes using various light sources and to discuss what they 'see' within the abstract dish.

* The chemicals used are tailored to the group based on age and health and safety requirements.

Photos from a petri latex workshop in New Delhi, India in April 2106.

I was glad to run a workshop in collaboration with Aarti Uppal Singla and The Art Exchange Project in India in 2016. The workshop was with 20 people ranging from teenagers to adults and was a great experience and change for people to experiment and challenge their own ideas about making art.

Who are the workshops aimed at?

The workshops have been run with a range of participants and are suitable for all age groups from children (with adult supervision) to adults and each workshop is tailored to suit those taking part. The workshops will be tailored according to those taking part and can be adjusted to increase the educational element so are suitable to be run with Key Stage 3 and 4 in mind.

What will be achieved at the workshops?

The aim of the workshops is for each participant to leave with a set of dishes they have created**. In addition to this Paul hopes that each person will have experimented in a new way and developed an understanding of how we interact with art, our environment and the process of making.

** Paul will bring a drying machine which means that dishes should be dried at the end of the workshop however depending on environmental conditions the dishes may need to be dried and delivered at a later date.

Materials and Equipment

All materials and equipment is provided including petri dishes, inks, chemicals, protective equipment. There may be a cost for materials which can be agreed when booking.

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