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27-06-2017 by 

It can be a challenge keeping up with everything that goes on in life. I find it quite hard sometimes mixing the creative with the 'day job' as a graphic designer. This series in my blog is a chance for me to make sense of what is on my to do list and hopefully give you a flavour of what I'm up to on a daily basis.

Petri Latex Projects

I've got a couple of ideas on the go that are about testing the limits of what can be created in the petri dishes.

The image above left shows an attempt at working with different sized dishes to create a combined final piece. To do this I'm working in increasing sizes (60mm, 90mm, 120mm & 150mm). Using latex/ink each time, drying the result, then removing it and placing it in the next sized dish. The image shown shows the first 3 together, there is one more to go. It's intriguing at this point as its creating a new dimension and a definite structure.

The images above middle and right show a different methodology for incorporating layers. In this one I'm working with thin layers of latex in the same dish. The middle image shows the first layer and the right image, 3 layers together. My focus is on singular rotational movement in each layer. When I usually work with different inks, they interact directly. This process means that they're not directly mixing which could, once refined, create a different aesthetic. This has also got me thinking about potentially making a series of simple single colour dishes which are then layered and rotate, constantly changing the image. Thanks to Jet for the nudge to revisit that!


Three Canvasses showing the ebb and flow of the tide at Cul Na Shee, Kintyre


I'm still working on the painting I talked about in a recent blog post, My Struggle with Painting. It has been sitting in my studio since March and I've been toiling over whether painting with a brush is conducive to my way of working. I had decided that I wanted to evolve it to three canvasses, each showing the tide at a different stage and needed to paint the initial layers on the other two. Last Friday I started the process on the two new canvasses as well as trying to create a different version in oil bar using my hands to guide the material.

I found that the oil is much more instinctual for me and so am going to use that for the final layer. The image above shows the abstracted water and rock. I'm going to add the grass and the grey for the pebbles in ink. In this way the first layer is merely creating a backdrop to the more exciting part of working with the oil

Bilborough Arts Festival Petri Latex Workshop

Bilborough Arts Festival 2017 Brochure Cover

I will be running a Petri Latex workshop as part of the Bilborough Arts Festival on Saturday which will be a great opportunity to introduce enquiring young minds in to the alchemy of creating petri dishes. This is the first festival so its great to be involved and its going to be "A week to celebrate local creativity" and it runs from Friday 30th June to Friday 7th July and will include art, music and workshops! I will also be showing some of my work as part of the group show taking place at the Bilborough Library and Community Centre. Download the Bilborough Arts Festival Brochure for more information




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