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27-01-2017 by 

Hello and welcome to my new website! 

Getting to this point has been a roller coaster ride with emotionals running high and low at various points!  I always find it such a huge challenge writing about what I do so I'm really grateful to my very good friend, life coach and supporter Sapna Bhatia! Sapna is always there for me either in person when we get chance to meet up or at the end of a phone to push me forward!

Thanks to Sapna and her amazing team, Abhishek and Rajesh, I now have a series of fantastic videos that do such a great job at explaining what I'm about, what drives me and what I want to achieve!  So thanks to Abhishek and Rajesh for your patience and effort including giving up a Sunday to film my petri latex workshop in April 2016. 

The last year has been full of amazing experiences (and challenges!) and this time last year I was starting a 3 month adventure in India where I got to connect with some talented artists, painters and potters, go to incredible places and experience a different way of life.  These experiences have really challenged me to push myself further and to get my art out there - to get people to experience something unique that offers new perspectives and discussions!

After a gap while getting this site ready, cataloguing all my images (not quite finished but there's always tomorrow!) and doing the day job I'm planning on blogging more, giving you updates on what I'm working on, artists I like and the things that inspire me so keep checking back!

Finally, I'd like to say a quick thank you to my partner Andy who always supports what I do (and keeps me topped up with chocolate), Pip my studio mate and partner in crime and her hubby t'other Paul, Katy P, Nicola, Kay and Sharne for all the support and the laughs!

Have a look around and let me know what you think!

Make sure to have a look around and see what I'm about! I love to chat to people about my work, art in general and many things so get in touch by email, on facebook or on instagram!






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