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18-01-2016 by 

After many months in the planning I'm preparing for a twelve week trip to India.  This will be the longest I've ever been so it's going to be exciting and challenging!  I will be staying with my friend and business partner Sapna and we will be doing a lot of work on our travel project Bring Home Stories, which is all about connecting people and travellers with stories about Indian culture from the food, through to places to explore, art, design and the intriguing.  Find out more at The picture here is of a dancer at the Kathputli Colony, a great place to explore. 

I really love India for all its contrasts and fusions.  The place is frenetic but full of excitement, from the traditional to the contemporary and everything in between,  I love the energy that comes in the middle, seeing the different styles and cultures merge into something new. I can always find something to look at and photograph, unlike a lot of travellers I end up looking beyond the large to the minutiae, India is full of texture, colour and detail that fascinate me. It’s the polar opposite to the UK with its order and structure.  I look for beautiful marks everywhere and India never disappoints. I think my camera will be full by the time I return.

I'm planning on some art and creativity too, I will be spending 10 days at the fabulous Art Ichol in Madhya Pradesh, a 14 hour train ride from Delhi (that's a blog post in itself I'm sure!).  I'll be spending my time with a group of ceramicists.  I've been experimenting with clay so this will be an amazing time to learn and hopefully find ways of incorporating my work with latex and light into a much more solid material.  Art Ichol has facilities for painting, ceramics, metal work and more, all set in rural India.   I can't wait to see what comes from being in a completely new environment surrounded by other creative people.  Find out more at

Spending such a long time in a different place will hopefully keep my cogs whirring and thinking about new ideas which I can translate into some work while there.  I plan on trying to create something every day whether it's in paint, pixel, ink or clay.  I also want to experience the Delhi art scene to see what I can learn and also to look at collaborative possibilities.  

A trip to an art shop when I arrive is on the cards so any tips for that are always well received! As well as any shows, or in fact anything off the beaten track! 




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