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01-03-2013 by 

I watched a screening of the Ai Weiwei film 'Never Sorry' in Delhi yesterday and it has opened an understanding of how I approach the concept of the Individual vs the multiple, something that really fascinates me and is evident in some parts of my work. 

The film focussed largely on his activism and use of social media in China with its strict laws and culture of conformity.  His intelligence and ability to consider the implications of his work in Chinese society was incredibly inspiring, brave and full of risk.  His ability to push forward despite this is something that I think everyone should have in their thinking.

I was most interested however in his work with sunflower seeds which were a direct reference to Chinese society on various levels.  Initially the fact that each seed was the same as the next – despite being painted by different people was a comment on how the society is expected to follow a set path and fall in with the crowds. The use of craftspeople to produce and paint the seeds was perhaps referencing how China’s rich history of creating beautiful and unique craft has been lost.  It was mentioned that most artists in China are state sponsored and are therefore expected to produce work within set parameters which will undoubtedly affect output.    I thought the idea of walking on the seeds was incredibly powerful from an activists perspective as it was unclear whether people were stepping on the society (as do the lawmakers) or whether the individual was stepping on the rulers? 




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