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24-07-2015 by 

Its been several years working with latex in petri dishes and its a continually evolving learning curve, finding new materials and techniques to create exciting chemical reactions and forms.   The materials I use have been expanding while keeping the focus on the latex and ink.  

As I've progressed the style and breadth of marks and interactions I create has changed and I now feel like I'm getting much closer to being able to master the process and detail. A huge part of my process is working in sets, something that I'd moved away from, well now I'm back to it and working in sets of 12.  This seems to be a manageable amount to enable me to work within some constraint while allowing me to move forward with every new set. 

I'm getting much more into the addition of light in the work and the set above show how this light has such a transformative effect when compared to those below which show the process from initial creation through to dry.  This element of the unknown in how a dish will change through the drying process is exciting and often unexpected, with the inks weight and density playing a part. 

Top: Dry
Middle: Partly dry
Bottom: Just created

Dry Dishes

Partly dry





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