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05-07-2017 by 

One of my favourite gallery spaces, Compton Verney, has a new show opening on Saturday the 8th of July and is described as “An eye-popping journey through pointillism, pattern and perception.” Read about it on the Compton Verney website

The gallery itself is worth the trip, it’s in the manor house surrounded by rolling green spaces and sculpture. I particularly admire their ability to push boundaries and the art they feature is often ground breaking and very contemporary. A previous exhibition, “Periodic Tales: The Art of the Elements” explored different elements and how they have been used within the realms of art and science. It was an inspiring trip so I’m very much looking forward to seeing the new show.

Petri Latex 2015

Perception is one of the drivers to my practice, my process of making is always focused on considering how people will react to my work and how that will influence my future development. There is nothing more satisfying than having someone identify an object or an emotion in a piece of work, for example the bird in the image on the left, taken from the Petri Latex series.  It is individual perception that is key to how a piece is received and interpreted.

The list of artists as part of “The Art of Perception” covers several of my inspirations including Josef Albers and Victor Vasarely, but the work I can’t wait to see is that by Bridget Riley. Without her I may have never pursued my artistic practice. My first emotional response to a piece of art was seeing one of her originals in the window of a gallery on Regent Street. Seeing her work in print couldn’t prepare me for the real thing. Her clarity of ideas and minimal approach surpasses expectations of what can be achieved on a two dimensional surface.

I can’t wait to make the trip! Watch this space!




Exhibition Information

Sat 8 July – Sun 1 October 2017, 11am – 5pm        

 Compton Verney, Warwickshire, CV35 9HZ

01926 645 500





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