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06-02-2017 by 


It's that time of year when things are a bit grey and dull so it was time to head to the Peak District to the stunning Stanage Edge to blow away some cobwebs.  Living the urban life makes me feel a bit hemmed in at times so getting out to somewhere so vast is really good for the soul and for getting some inspiration.  The view was that lovely that even Bugsy the Briard stopped to enjoy the view!


Map view of Stanage Edge showing the clear demarkation of the landscape

The inspiration started quite quickly with this great shot from google showing the strength of change of the landscape along the edge.  On the one side green land and on the other heathland.  This map view didn't really prepare me for the first sight of the 'edge' which was higher and needed more climbing over rocks than expected!


The long view from Stanage Edge showing the depth of colours

This picture shows the different colours around Stanage from the dark browns and blacks of the geological forms to the reds and browns of the heathland and the vast blue skies in the distance.  A camera phone isn't really good enough to try and capture the scale and depth of the view but this one certainly tries.


A close up of a rock formation at Stanage Edge

As usual, it wasn't all about the long view,  I was also a bit obsessed with the rocks, this close up of gritstone - layers of embedded energy hiding the previous force needed for the creation of the edge.  It's really rough to the touch but that adds to the depth of detail and the feel of the place. 




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