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30-06-2017 by 

Launching my online shop has been taking up a lot of my mind space recently, it's such a big step that it's a bit daunting but getting my work out there is becoming increasingly important. Taking part in a successful exhibition as part of my studio group (Fishergate Point Studios) at the recent Lady Bay Arts Festival has been great for testing a few ideas on presentation and identity.

Images of sample products that will be for sale on Paul Liptrot Artists' Shop

Shop Countdown - 28 days until launch

My aim is to launch the shop in 4 weeks time with a selection of Petri Latex prints, On Paper Prints and some small freestanding lightboxes.

I'm in the testing stage making sure the backend is working properly, all the bits that don't make a difference externally but are crucial to making sure the shop runs perfectly and securely. It is a good activity for considering how far I've come and where I'm heading!

And so the countdown begins!

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