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25-02-2016 by 

In the way that only India can manage I got to see ‘Pond near the field’, an exhibition focusing on a group of artists from Kerala. The first surprise came when I found out that the gallery, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, was based in the HCL Technologies office complex in Noida. I hadn’t expected to find such a great space surrounded by the corporate world. In all my visits to art spaces in India, this one felt the most Western in its set up, the quiet space at odds with some of the more lively exhibitions I’ve seen.

The artists featured all had a strong Marxist ideal which came through in a myriad ways with images of communist icons and comment on the effects of economic liberalisation in India to name a few. I was inspired by the skill on show, particularly in the works of KM Madhusudhanan whose series the “The Marx Archive” featured charcoal on paper works had an eerie quality, mixing pictures of Lenin with skeletons and weapons.

NN Rimzon Speaking Stones InstallationThe work that stopped me in my tracks was “Speaking Stones” by N.N. Rimzon. The photo shows a lone fibreglass figure surrounded by stones on photographs. While some of the artists work focussed on the spiritual and the everyday using charcoal on paper, this work has a visceral quality that cuts through to the human condition. The speaking stones can be interpreted in so many ways and this makes it fascinating. Is the artist speaking about the internal struggle we sometimes face as individuals? Is it the constant barrage of interactions we have in our technologically intense world?

There is a lot of writing about the symbolism of the work but to be honest, sometimes I don’t think we need to think beyond our own reaction. I've recently been through an introspective period where I’ve attempted to understand myself more and to challenge myself to be more open about who I am and what my art practice is about. This work felt like it was about the process, for a while I felt really pressured by external influences and this picture will serve as a reminder of what we all go through on a regular basis. Most importantly it made me feel that I have moved beyond this and can see how I ‘fit’.



Image Information

NN Rimzon. Speaking Stones.1998, resin, fibreglass, marble dust, stones, photographs, acrylic sheets. installed as life-size figure encircled by stones, photographs, 500cm (diameter) x 90cm (height)





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