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23-10-2017 by 

Location of Thirtyfive Gamble, Nottingham

Well where did the time go?   The last few months have flown by and I'm pleased to say that my first solo show, 'Firmament' is taking place this week at Thirtyfive Gamble in Nottingham.

It feels like its been a mammoth trip, both mentally and physically but I'm excited with what I've achieved so far and can't wait to see it all set up at the venue!  Bring on Thursday when its time to set it all up!

The show is taking place at Thirtyfive Gamble, 35 Gamble Street, Nottingham, NG7 4EY.  Thirtyfive Gamble is an independent studio, gallery and community space in the centre of Nottingham.  It's such a lovely venue, a bit quirky and Sue Turton who runs it is lovely and relaxed!  


Lit and unlit close up of large petri latex installation at Firmament solo show

Some of the works on paper for Firmament Solo Show

I've put together a mix of work, the one I'm really excited about is a large petri latex installation featuring 80 petri dishes in 10 colour ways. The piece was two months in the making from conception through to implementation.  It made me quite emotional as I wanted the whole piece to work but also for each of the dishes to work on its own.  Once I saw the finished pieces mounted in the MDF I was thrilled and can't wait to see it mounted over a window at Thirtyfive Gamble.  

This is one of 9 light installations (from over 150 petri dishes) that will feature at the show

To complement the petri latex light installations there are a range of my works on paper which are all concerned with energy and motion, trying to capture the invisible and obscured.  All the pieces are framed and ready to go, its great to see them all complete. I'm hoping that they will be vibrant and evocative companions to the light installations.



Firmament Show Information

Firmament is taking place at Thirtyfive Gamble in Nottingham on the 28th and 29th of October (10.30-18.30 Saturday – 10.30- 16.30 Sunday) and the Private View is at 18.30 on the 27th of October! Hopefully see some of you there!


Hope to see you there!




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