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24-01-2016 by 

A visual Record of my visit to Safdarjungs Tomb in January 2016


View of Sadfarjungs Tomb

One of my first cultural experiences on this trip was a trip to the beautiful Safdarjungs Tomb run by the Delhi Based Tour company Darwesh. In many ways it’s not the best example of Mughal architecture as we were informed that the tomb was made by pillaging the materials from other sites in Delhi.


Ceiling Detail of the Tomb

As is the way with much of the Mughal Architecture in Delhi, the focus on the geometric and symmetrical is ever present. I’m always inspired by the ceilings within these spaces which are evocative of natural elements.


Ceiling Detail in the Tomb

The layering of the detail is so inspiring with the different lines above adding a richness and depth to the faded stone.


Detail of marks

As is usual for me, once I had enjoyed the main structure I delved into the marks, erosion and detail that can be missed amongst the drama of these large spaces.


Detail of Marks

Years of layering of paint, weather and general wear and tear exposed to create something beautiful.




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