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This is the place to find out what I'm working on or researching at the moment. The blog is split into my inspirations in art and science, and my work and my current thinking.

21-07-2015 by 

Well after a long period of not using my old blog i thought it was time to get going again.  My previous blog was focussed around my journey towards my Diploma and not really relevant to everyday readers, so welcome to my refreshed blog.

My main reason for writing here is to catalogue my thoughts, hopefully discuss some interesting topics and bring some semblance of order to what is my brain.  What strikes me most about the digital age is that we're all posting on social media but that this while seemingly personal doesn't give a real connection between reader and artist (thats me, I think!).   The best example is the world of pinterest, you can view what I post there but its a series of images mainly about what I like and admire within the art world. It doesn't give the opportunity for me to discuss the images and themes that really resonate with my practice and provide me the elusive 'next leap forward'.

Being an artist is really a series of interconnected peaks and troughs, sometimes wholely externally focussed and others introspective.  Personally I get quite intense when working on a specific project or material that means it can be a challenge to keep on top of all those other things that interest and inspire me.  I'm always surprised when a new discovery brings me back to something that has been in my mind and in my research before.  Hopefully this blog will allow those themes to develop and become clearer, for me and for you!

I've included a few items written in the past that seemed to fit within the Archive section, more may be added over time but it really needs a rewrite!




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