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06-03-2017 by 

I have recently acquired a food dehydrator (well, obviously) to add to my 'lab' aka my studio.  I'm hoping that being able to control the drying process of the dishes will enable me to refine some of the processes that I undertake.

The idea for this started on my trip to India last year where I found that my dishes were drying within minutes rather than hours as can be the case in the cold UK. During the winter it can take several days for the latex to dry resulting in dishes where the results lack a sense of precision.  The longer the drying the more the inks and chemicals blend and soften the edges.

The dehydrator is controllable from around 35 degrees C to over 100 so I will be able to experiment with different settings to see what happens. 

I've completed a few sets so far and I'm really encouraged by the results. 

Set of 4 petri latext dishes completed in February 2017. Mixed media, ink, latex, starch in petri dish

I'm going to work with small sets for a few weeks from a set of recipes to look at different combinations.  The recipes involve an order in which different actions are made and materials added.  This is an enduring fascination for me where I can control to a point but the chance of repeating the same result is minimal!  More on this idea later!






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