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Firmament Solo Show - 27 to 29 October 2017

Firmament - Paul Liptrot Solo Show

28-29 October 2017

Private View: 27 October 2017. 6.30pm
Thirtyfive Gamble, Nottingham

Venue information

Thirtyfive Gamble
35 Gamble Street,
Nottingham, NG7 4EY

Thirtyfive Gamble is an independent studio, gallery and community space in the centre of Nottingham. Thirtyfive Gamble are pleased to offer their beautiful space at an affordable price for a range of events, exhibitions, community support, classes, vintage/designer clothing sales and more.

Paul Liptrot invites you to his exhibition ‘Firmament’ - which asks you to see beyond the horizon or beneath the surface.The firmament is the arch of the sky that prevents us from seeing beyond our everyday perception.

Whether that is the enormity of the universe or the complexity of the microscopic world, the firmament is a border brimming with potential. It beguiles Paul and has pushed him to create, to find the elusive magic that gives rise to something unique, not always recognisable.

Through a series of light installations and wall based work you will get a glimpse inside worlds and galaxies which have been brought to life by Paul’s fascination with materials.

Firmament brings together the alchemical Petri Latex series with ethereal and energetic works in oil, both unified by a love for investigating the obscured and imagined. Using energy and chemistry Paul’s interactions speak of more than just colour and medium. The result is work intended equally for the artist and the perennially curious, asking the question is this art or science?

It is Paul’s hope that this exhibition will allow you to answer that question; viewing the work but also drawing on your own experiences, emotions and history to discover something that resonates with you.

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